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Books by James Hollis

ISBN 0-919123-60-0. Index. 128 pp. 1993. $25.00

Why do so many go through so much disruption in their middle years? Why then? What does it mean and how can we survive it? The Middle Passage shows how we can pass through midlife consciously, rendering the second half of life all the richer and more meaningful.

ISBN 0-919123-64-3. Index. 144 pp. 1994. $25.00

Saturn was the Roman god who ate his children to stop them from usurping his power. Men have been psychologically and spiritually wounded by this legacy. Hollis offers a rich perspective on the secrets men carry in their hearts.

ISBN 0-919123-69-4. Index. 160 pp. 1995. $25.00

Whatever our cultural and religious background or personal psychology, a greater intimacy with myth provides a vital link with meaning, the absence of which is so often behind the neuroses of our time. Here the acclaimed author of The Middle Passage (title 59) explains why a connection with our mythic roots is crucial for us as individuals and as responsible citizens of our age.

ISBN 0-919123-74-0. Index. 160 pp. 1996. $25.00

Who does not long to arrive some distant day at that sunlit meadow where we may live in pure contentment? Yet much of the time we are lost in the quicksands of guilt, grief, betrayal, depression and the like. Perhaps the goal of life is not happiness but meaning.

ISBN 0-919123-80-5. Index. 160 pp. 1998. $25.00

A timely and thought-provoking corrective to the generalized fantasies about relationships that permeate Western culture. Here is a challenge to greater personal responsibility, a call for individual growth as opposed to the search for rescue by others.

ISBN 0-919123-93-7. Index. 160 pp. 2001. $25.00

With insight and compassion grounded in the humanist side of analytical psychology, Hollis elucidates the circuitous path of individuation. A powerful commentary on the importance of the examined life, illustrating how we may come to an understanding of our life choices and relationships by exploring our core complexes and personal history. The text is deeply enriched by the inclusion of poetry and excerpts from the work of modern writers.

ISBN 1-894574-04-4. Index. 160 pp. 2003. $25.00

Over the years James Hollis has offered us many a feast. This time we are offered something different—more of a working partnership than a finished meal. Here Hollis navigates the deep questions that haunt us all, sharing his personal experience only so that we may more deeply understand our own. This is not a book of revealed truths. Rather it surrenders to the questions, guided only by whatever insight, endurance and energy we each may have. The partnership is rich in poetry as well as prose, but most of all it shares the burden of uncertainty, and reminds us of its treasures.

ISBN 1-894574-10-9. Index. Sewn. 160 pp. 2004. $25.00

Tales told by shadowy elders around ancient campfires offered both explanation and comfort. Life hasn’t changed that much: our dependence on explanation and comfort still lies just under our busy ambition and constant yearning. Most of the time, the basic assumptions of our early years were so viscerally absorbed that we have never made them articulate, and therefore never had any way to evaluate their relevance for us now. What if they are outdated? Immature? Beside the point? In this new volume, James Hollis shows us a way to bring those stories to consciousness—what questions to ask, and when. And also what to expect of ourselves in the process. This is not a quick fix book; in fact, waking up to our truth is sometimes very painful. But it is real. And it may be the only way to discover that sense of meaning and personal authenticity that no amount of outer success can provide.

ISBN Mixed. Sewn. Index. 448 pp. 2016. $50.00

This bundle offers substantial savings but each title is otherwise available for individual purchase.