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Manuscript submission guidelines


  1. Inner City Books publishes and distributes the work of certified Jungian analysts. It is the only publisher in the world with this singular focus.

  2. We do not consider theses, dissertations, essays, individual chapters, or proposals with a view to turning them into books.

  3. We make decisions only on manuscripts completed, and preferably professionally edited, to the author’s satisfaction, and we rarely make recommendations as to content. The manuscript should be paginated in one continuous document (i.e., not within chapters), with good quality black and white copies of figures, photos and illustrations, if any. We do not print in color (except for the cover).

  4. We favor single-theme manuscripts between 40–60,000 words in length, with case material and personal experience. References should be included as end-notes or in line in the text [author, title, page (but essay, vol., par. in Jung’s CW)]. The style of the Bibliography should be: author, title, place of publication, publisher, date; or author, title, website, date.

  5. If the manuscript is accepted, it is the author’s responsibility to secure permission to use substantial material from other copyrighted works (except for “fair use”—see The Chicago Manual of Style for guidelines).

  6. Submissions should include a print-out (double-spaced, one side only, unbound), a digital copy on CD, brief author résumé, and reading/review fee of $200 (check, money order or Visa; $US outside of Canada).

  7. Inner City Books has sold over a million copies since 1980, with more than 250 translations in 22 languages; $1.5 million paid to authors. We contract to pay a royalty of 8% of the retail price on copies sold, with no advance payment. We hold only publishing and distribution rights; books are copyrighted in the name of the author. Income from translations, photocopying for academic use, etc. is split 50/50.

    7a. Upon acceptance of a manuscript, author is subject to a fee of $2,000 (check, money order or Visa; $US outside of Canada) toward costs of production, payable immediately.

  8. Please submit materials to:
    Daryl Sharp
    c/o Inner City Books
    53 Alvin Avenue
    Toronto, ON M4T 2A8